The Process

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation: No obligation online meeting to profile customers, understand their business challenges, future goals and assess how we can add value e.g., using existing AI solutions or bespoke development. Depending on where the customers are in their business resilience journey the initial consultation might take longer than 30 minutes, in which case it is advisable to run these sessions in multiple slots of 1 hour each.

Baseline Assessment

Business Agility & Resilience Baseline Assessment: If the client decides to engage our services after the initial consultation then a detailed gap analysis is conducted by collaborating with the clients’ named personals to categorise business needs using MoSCoW technique and a proposal for implementation is submitted to the client that includes recommendations for most appropriate Microsoft Business Application and any customizations or bespoke application develpoment needs. The proposal includes scope of work, implementation time lines, risks, costs, quality assurance mechanisms and envisaged benefits. Available support package(s) options after implementation of the solution are also included in the proposal to give the clients an idea about total cost of ownership of the solution so that they can select most suitable support package. 

Business case development can also be assisted with through our accredited Better Business Cases® consultant and charged separately. 


Execution: Upon acceptance of proposal and receipt of purchase order the implementation phase begins which is executed using AgilePM® method. Close collaboration with customers and Microsoft Partner Network ensures that the solution covers full scope, is delivered within time and cost, quality is not compromised, risks are managed and envisaged benefits are realised by customers as early as possible.

Staff training is also part of the execution and includes two half day sessions about agile working and developing business resilience so that the organisation understands the rationale behind implementation of software accelerators and hence develops the mindset and ambition to make the it successful. This is followed by functional training to transfer the skillset required to successfully operate the solutions. 

Closure and Benefits Realisation Plan

Closure and Benefits Realisation Plan: Upon completion of execution, a benefits realisation plan is shared with the client to track and measure the envisaged benefits from the implementation. Any improvements or customizations for future are communicated and ongoing support package tuned according to client’s needs is activated. Signing off a project doesn’t mean end of relationship but is the beginning of business growth for the clients and our senior consultant(s) remain available after implementation to help with any teething issues because our customer’s success is our mission.