About Resilient Technologies:
Resilient Technologies Ltd was formed to help small and medium businesses (SMBs) thrive amid the volatile business echo system which is uncertain since long, has complex intricacies and an ambiguous future. Small and medium businesses form the back bone of British economy and our practice was setup to help SMBs with following:

1. Implement agile business practices to innovate, reduce waste and have clear value stream mapping of their products for their customers. 
2. Use technology accelerators such as Microsoft’s technology products to solve complex business challenges, achieve business goals and scale up without massive infrastructure investments. These technology products could include AI tools, business applications or low code development through in-house citizen developers.

We believe that businesses can gain significant advantages through software as a service, pay as you go model of Microsoft’s Business Applications such as Dynamics 365 ERP, Logic Apps, Power Apps and Azure cloud infrastructure. Businesses should plan and prepare now for future uncertainties so that they have technology on their side when the storms hit the businesses. As your ‘Technical Arm’ we humbly offer business acumen, technical expertise and our passion to help you exploit the power of technology with a disciplined approach

Our Founder and Customer Success Lead:
Our founder Jawwad Tanvir, is a serial Entrepreneur, Enterprise Level Agile Coach and Technology Enthusiast. He possesses relevant qualifications and competencies (as seen on his LinkedIn profile), has 22 years of multi dimensional experience specialising in crafting bespoke solutions for businesses through coaching, technology, and proof of concept projects, and happens to be author of a book on Business Resilience framework. As the Customer Success Lead at Resilient Technologies Ltd, he believes that every customer is unique and to create value for the customers we should focus on understanding and solving their business challenges by implementing and supporting with relevant Microsoft’s technology stack with special focus on cloud based Artificial Intelligence services.

Our Founder and Technology Lead:
Umar Rashid is an accomplished full-stack software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the development of mobile and web-based applications. He has been involved in all stages of software development lifecycle while executing projects and mentoring development teams in industry as well as academia. He completed his PhD in Computer Science from University of St Andrews. Umer leads the software solutions development team and responsible for delivering technology solutions for realising business cases. This is achieved by following Agile software development practices, DevOps and Microsoft’s cloud based technology stack.