Customer centric AI solutions.

Resilient Technologies Ltd, part of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, is a UK based technology start-up with the mission to enable businesses of all sizes meet their goals through responsible use of Artificial Intelligence(AI).

The company is developing its flagship products in partnership with customers to service their burning needs through AI. Please feel free to get in touch to help us solve your business needs through AI.


We enable small and medium businesses to improve efficiencies and perform complex tasks by deploying ethical Artificial Intelligence based solutions. An agile, customer centric approach ensures that the solution is scoped with the client’s business in mind, delivered swiftly and in small increments to maximise value for key stakeholders.

Apps powered by Microsoft Azure AI to do more with less

The Process

7 Steps for SMB Leaders for harnessing AI:
Step 1: Envision Digital Transformation.
Step 2: Manage Change.
Step 3: Partner Selection.
Step 4: Outcome Mapping.
Step 5: Write a Business Case.
Step 6: Embrace Digitiation.
Step 7: Realise Results.

Resilient technologies team and partner network

Core Values

Honesty with partner network and customers, SMART work to do more with less, and focus on value creation for customers while ensuring that all stake holders are on board and keen to maximise investment benefits.

Competence in Azure AI

We have expertise in Microsoft’s Azure cloud services including their Artificial Intelligence toolkit and full stack software development. Due to this expertise, we are uniquely placed to design a cloud based software architecture and develop AI powered applications focused on empowering customers in achieving their business goals.
Collaboration within the Microsoft partner network empowers us to scale up without reinventing the wheel and deliver bespoke solutions for our customers in shortest possible duration.

Business Acumen

Our founders has vast experience of business, project management and software development in senior roles. Their first-hand in-depth experience of meeting the customers at their point of need and prioritising offerings according to the voice of customers enables us to collaborate with our clients by focusing on their value streams and hence achieving desired results through use of technology accelerators. 

Agile and Resilient

Agile practices enable organizations to deliver value by prioritising people and their interactions, focusing on a working solution, collaborating with the customers and embracing change. Our founder has many years of experience in agile practices and is the author of a book on Business Resilience.

Adherence to empiricism and lean thinking  helps us deliver on our promise to the customers.


How we can help?

With the principle of serving customers by leveraging Microsoft Partner Network at heart, our practice can help with:

  • Analysis of customer’s business needs using Agile best practices and selection of most appropriate Microsoft Business Application.
  • Development of bespoke cloud based stand alone AI powered applications using Microsoft’s Azure cloud network. 
  • Development of AI based extension applications for integration with existing platforms. 
  • Consultancy for Microsoft Cognitive AI Services, Azure, Logic Apps and Power Platform.


Ensuring Value for Money

Small and medium businesses have unique business needs and their business process are developed through years of experience. The recommended solution(s) shall make them agile and resilient instead of creating road blocks. After initial consultation(s), the customers are quoted for a fixed scope, fixed price and fixed time project focused on delivering a minimum viable product essential for meeting their Must Have needs. 

pre-project exploration


An initial 3o minutes session to understand the customers’ needs and the business objectives that they wish to address with AI


Baseline 'As is' situation and understand vision for future


Assessment of 'Needs vs Wants'


Analysis of any existing solutions, road blocks and preferred way to solve the challenge

Consultancy: Business Case Development, Business Analysis & Agile Practices

From £3,999

Typical costs range from £3,999 to £6,999 depending on a customer’s situation using a fixed price model


Analyse business needs in detail and prioritise using MoSCoW technique


Apply Options Framework to select best approach for solution delivery


Create Business Justification Case encompassing strategic, economic, commercial, financial and management aspects


Development of Business Analysis, Software Architecture Document and Software Development Approach


Training on Agile Project Management and Product Development (using Scrum)

Development: Bespoke azure AI Powered app development

From £9,999

Bespoke AI application development to improve efficiency  and accuracy, and achieve large scale (previously) unthinkable processing capabilities e.g., unstructured data analysis


Fixed price project model


App development using Microsoft Azure cloud services including AI services


Business intelligence re-imagined


Quick implementation turnaround using AgilePM


Use Microsoft App orchestration tools for fast solutions deployments


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Gain Insights

Gain insights into customer opinions, feedback, and emotions expressed on social media channels to uncover patterns, trends, and sentiments for better decision-making.

Trends Analysis

Extract key phrases from social media channels to identify the most significant and relevant information for content summarization, topic extraction, or trend analysis.

Live Monitoring

Live monitoring of social media channels to pick negative sentiments early and take automated remedial actions.

Brand Reputation

Improve overall customer experience to improve brand reputation and maintain positive perception across digital spaces.

Monitor Competitors

Real time monitoring of competitors’ products, offerings and their perception as viewed by their customers across digital spaces including social media channels.

Informed Marketing

Automatically categorize and organize large amounts of text data for content management and publishing by learning about customers’s search trends.

Case Studies

Trusted By The Best in the Business

AI applications powered by Microsoft’s Azure AI Services are being used by businesses around the globe to become resilient and agile. They enable businesses do more with less by solving complex business problems with accuracy and speed.

“Azure Cognitive Services allowed us to rapidly develop and launch our WellBe products as we were able to lean on Microsoft for its AI expertise with speech and natural language, and we were able to concentrate much of our engineering efforts within our domain expertise of health and wellness. ”

Mark Lane

Director of Software Engineering
HandsFree Health

“We show people that they can use data to monitor and expedite their tasks. However, the true value comes when they start changing their behavior and make informed decisions based on data.

Navdeep Agarwal

Head of Business Intelligence
Americana Group – Restaurants Division

AI Application Development for Small and Medium Businesses

Your AI Technical Arm

AI development skills are scarce, high in demand and expensive. To further exacerbate the situation, there is lack of understanding about the technology stack and adherence to responsible AI principles. We help SMBs in developing ethical AI apps that enable them reach their business goals.

Perfect for modern day businesses

SaS AI solutions for modern small and medium business which are crafted with customers at it’s heart. 

Hassle free cloud based solution

No need to buy and maintain expensive hardware infrastructure because service maintenance and software upgrades will be included in the monthly fee. 

Strong Security & Compliance

Secure by design, Microsoft’s trusted cloud protects your solutions and assets from the ground up while quickly responding to threats ensuring 99% and above uptime SLA.

Scalable and customisable

Scale up by integrating with other Microsoft products such as dedicated ERP, CRM or customise according to the needs of your organisation through extensions using intelligent technologies – the options are limitless.

Join Our Customers

Connect your business functions to beat the volatility, uncertainty, complexitiy and ambiguity through real time and informed decision making – implement Business Central and reap immediate benefits.

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